Ana Subeliani Hurt During the Rally

During the on-going homophobic rally in front of the Amirani Cinema, Ana Subeliani – a social activist got hurt. A heavy object, a stone most likely, was thrown in her face and it hit her forehead. The mobilized emergency doctors provided medical assistance to Subeliani right away and took her to the hospital.

Subeliani told the media that the homophobic protestors deliberately attacked her, knowing who she was. “They ran up to me, recognized me and started threatening me. The Police did nothing to stop them, though everything signaled that I would be the victim of physical attack,” said Subeliani. The social activist claimed that it is a by “a mere accident that she didn’t lose my eye”.

The movie screening of ‘And Then We Danced’ has kicked off at the Amirani Cinema. The film projection started later than scheduled as the aggressive protestors tried to disrupt the event in any way possible. The Police made a corridor to let those who had come to watch the movie inside the building.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

08 November 2019 21:06