Protesters Throwing Various Items at the Entrance of Amirani Cinema

The situation outside the Amirani cinema in Tbilisi remains tense. Protesters are throwing bottles and various items at the entrance of the cinema, where the premiere of the first Georgian film about gay love, titled 'And Then We Danced,' is being held.

Law enforcers, fire and emergency brigades are still mobilized on the spot. Police officers are calling on the protesters to remain calm, though representatives of the ultra-conservative movement 'Georgian March' and supporters of businessman Levan Vasadze are still trying to break the police cordon and enter the building.

As the demonstrators explain, their aggression is related to the fact that "the sinful film undermines Georgian traditions and values."

Tonight, starting at 22:00, the screening of the Film will also be held in Batumi Cinemas. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

08 November 2019 20:43