Homophobic Groups Trying to Enter Amirani Cinema

Today is the premiere of the Swedish-Georgian film showcasing a queer love story ‘And Then We Danced’. Georgian homophobic ultra-right-wing groups, Georgian March especially, have threatened to disrupt the screenings of the first-ever Georgian movie about gay love. The members of the rally - which includes the supporters of businessman Levan Vasadze and the 'Georgian March' - are on the way of keeping that promise as they are now standing in front of the mobilized police at the doors of the Amirani Cinema in Tbilisi.

The protestors are shouting "shame" and "Georgia", demanding the cancellation of the movie screenings. Some spiritual guides have also joined the homophobic groups to protest 'And Then We Danced' movie screening. One of their banners reads "Those who screen the movie and those who watch them - they are all swearing at Jesus Christ". They are holding up Christian Orthodox icons and some of the protestors are using pyrotechnics. The ultra-right-wing protestors are trying to forcibly get inside the cinema. The police are keeping them from entering the building of the movie theater but the members of the rally are not backing down. The police are constantly asking them to obey the law otherwise the appropriate measures will be taken.

Earlier today, Sandro Bregadze, leader of ultra-conservative movement Georgian March, made a promise to the media that the members if the March wouldn’t use any force or violence. He wouldn’t say though, how exactly the protestors would disrupt the movie screenings. His earlier promise is brought into question now that the Georgian Marchers have burnt down the LGBTQ+ flag in broad daylight in front of the Filarmonia and are intensively trying to forcibly enter Amirani Cinema.

Updates to follow.

By Nini Dakhundaridze


08 November 2019 19:19