Law Enforcers Mobilizing Outside Amirani Cinema and Tbilisi Concert Hall

Law enforcers are mobilized outside the Amirani Cinema in Tbilisi to ensure public order and safety during the premiere of the first Georgian film about gay love titled 'And Then We Danced," as the local right-wing and religious groups are gathering there to hold the demonstration and express protest against screening of the film which, in their words, "undermines Georgian traditions and values."

Police have arranged the cordon at the entrance of the Cinema. 

As for the surrounding area of the Tbilisi Concert Hall, police officers are mobilized there with yellow buses, while the parking area is surrounded by barricade tape.

On November 8-10, the first Georgian film depicting love between two homosexuals will be shown in Tbilisi and Batumi cinemas. 

By Ana Dumbadze 

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08 November 2019 16:18