MIA on Ensuring Safety during the Premiere of 'And Then We Danced'

‘’The Ministry of Internal Affairs ensures protection of public safety and law, as well as the freedom of expression of every individual who does not go beyond the frames of the law," - Nino Tsatsiashvili, head of the Department for Monitoring the Quality of Human Rights and Investigations, said at the briefing in a response to the local right-wing and religious groups’ announcements regarding the disruption of the screening of the first Georgian film about gay love, titled ‘And Then We Danced.’  

She noted that law enforcers will act in full accordance with their mandate and each case of violation will be immediately prevented.

“Once again, we urge everyone to consider the requirements of the law. Otherwise, the police will act within their mandate and any violent action will be immediately prevented,” she said.

On November 8-10, the first Georgian film depicting love between two homosexuals will be shown in Tbilisi and Batumi cinemas. 

However, the ‘Georgian March’ and other right-wing and religious groups are mobilizing against the premiere, threatening to disrupt the screening of the movie through mass demonstrations and prevent spectators from attending the screening of the film, as they believe that the movie undermines Georgian traditions and values.

By Ana Dumbadze 

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08 November 2019 15:39