CEO of Informational Highway Technologies SA: Georgia is Very Attractive for Companies like Mine

Nowadays, increasing knowledge in the computer sciences has become one of the most important aspects for the development and progress of countries throughout the world, and Georgia is no exception. The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in improving the lives of populations is also increasing.

Why is AI gaining prominence now? How will AI affect and change the lives of millions of people worldwide in the near future? How is Georgia positioning itself in the world of Computer Sciences and AI?

GEORGIA TODAY interviewed Alexandre Orloff, an experienced entrepreneur specialized in international business development, who is currently the head of the Swiss-based company Informational Highway Technologies SA and powerful media network platform, Masters of AI, to get the answers to those questions.

“I’m ever grateful to Georgia, because my wife Nino is Georgian. Our son was born in 2001 in Tbilisi, our daughter was born in 2004 in Geneva. I love the culture, food, people, nature and I confirm that skiing in Georgia is wonderful!” Orloff tells us. “As I studied economics and live in Switzerland, I worked in banking for most of my career. In 2015, I purchased a company active in software and IT because I wanted to surf on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is based on Computer Science, Informational Technologies and Artificial Intelligence."

Tell us the main directions of Informational Highway Technologies SA and why these fields are so important nowadays.

Informational Highway Technologies SA (IHT) is a Swiss company active in the creation and production of information processing systems, design, production, testing, as well as the provision of advisory and technological services in the field of application of computer resources, computer programs and radio-electronic systems.

Because the NETWORK is so important, IHT in 2020 will launch Masters of AI, a powerful Media Network Platform with two hubs: One in Geneva for its Occidental partners and the second in Hong Kong for its Oriental partners, providing to its members accesses to knowledge and direct exchanges with foreign counterparts under exclusive conditions.

Many people in Europe are scared of Chinese R&D because they do not know the culture and do not have access to the key players., with its interviews, conferences and debates, in situ visits and e-learning courses, will permit intercultural, intergenerational and international exchanges.

What do you know about Georgia’s abilities in terms of computer science? What is interesting for your company in Georgia?

Tbilisi recently opened the doors of The San Diego State University to train students in various specialties, including Computer Science, Informational Technologies and Artificial Intelligence. Access to education is fundamental for the future of a nation and for our younger generation that instinctively understand things much faster than us.

Great and recognized researchers and scientists in the world are Georgians. Here in Geneva, we have the CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and Georgia is very well represented!

So, what is interesting for IHT and Masters of AI to discover in Georgia? It is to find the next Georgian Steve Jobs before others do. With good brains and good training, Georgia is very attractive for companies like mine.

How will learning computer sciences affect and change the future development of the world?

Governments all over the planet are taking strategic decisions to redirect their strengths and resources towards the fast growing evolution of computer science. Some had the means to anticipate it years ago, other are forced to act now. The United Arab Emirates administration will be fully Blockchain operated and compatible in 2020, Liechtenstein is adopting, as of January 2020, a new law called the ‘’Tokens and TT Service Providers Law’’, etc.

Within the next ten years, our lives will completely change and we must adapt because we are in the fourth industrial revolution and there is no return possible!

How do you see Georgia positioning itself in the world of CS and AI?

“Even the longest journey begins with one first step’’ says a Confucian proverb, so first students must work hard, the Georgian universities must support the student’s passion and patience to power the excellence one needs to achieve great goals, but at the same time the nation must provide interesting jobs for them to become experts, to find the financial interest to stay in Georgia, to work in Georgia and pay taxes that will benefit the country and its population.

So, to answer your question, I would say that education is the first step, but within three to four years Georgia must provide well paid jobs to prevent a competence exodus as happened in other countries.

I strongly believe that Georgia needs to attract some international R&D laboratories to establish themselves in special zones with good fiscal incentives. Once you have ten to twenty international companies choosing Georgia to establish operations in, it will be like a snow ball effect.

Your company is based in Switzerland. From your point of view, would you invest in Georgia or hire Georgian students?

First, we need to meet with the Georgian universities and research institutes to understand the potential. Then, I could answer your question. To do so, we will organize business trips, interviews and meetings.

I strongly believe that when you are 50 years old, which is my case, it is normal to give a chance to the younger generation, so yes I would hire Georgian students. But there must be a match between our clients needs, the competences and drive of the students and our company’s development strategy.

What are your company’s future plans and projects?

Visiting Georgia with the hope to find potential partners to develop the media platform in Georgia, to connect different generations, cultures and countries with conferences and debates.

Georgia has great infrastructures and is geographically located between Hong Kong and Geneva.

By Ana Dumbadze

07 November 2019 18:12