HUAWEI & Elit Electronics Joint Trade-in Campaign across Georgia – Change your old Smartphone with a new one.

HUAWEI has launched an unprecedented trade-in campaign, which allows users to replace their old phones with P30 series smartphones and get a great discounts additionally. The campaign, launched on November 1, covers only Elit Electronics store chain and lasts until the end of November.

The terms of the campaign are simple: customers can visit any branch of Elit Electronics and evaluate their own smartphone of any brand in the store. Specialists will evaluate the product according to the condition of its screen, battery, visual side of the body and other features, at a certain price, which will then be deducted from the price of the new smartphone.

"During the current campaign on three models of HUAWEI, the P30 Pro, P30 and P30 lite, additional discounts of 200, 150 and 100 GEL are also in force. Consequently, the cost of the old phone handed over by the customer is added by the amount of the discount voucher, which is deducted from the cost of the new phone. For example, if the customer's old phone was evaluated at 400 GEL and they would like to purchase a P30 lite, the discount voucher of the mentioned model, 100 GEL, will be added to the cost of the old phone, which will be deducted from the P30 lite price (829 GEL) and the customer will only have to pay 329 GEL for the new phone," explains the marketing dept of the company HUAWEI.

It is noteworthy that the condition and model of the phone does not matter and the customer will receive 100, 150 or 200 GEL discounts for any given phone, even if his phone is evaluated at a minimal price. So, visit HUAWEI's partner Elit Electronics’ stores and buy new smartphones with replacing your old one!

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07 November 2019 18:11