Mountainous Adjara in the Center of Lviv’s Attention

The touristic and invest potential of Adjara was a topic of interest in Lviv, Ukraine. At an economic forum, representatives of up to 400 countries were introduced to the touristic products of the region, the current economic and investing projects. The presentation was showcased by the Tourism Department of Adjara.   

Concurrently, Adjara’s touristic possibilities were in focus of the International Touristic Exhibition in Lviv. The Department had its own separate stand which presented Georgian cuisine and the products of Mountainous Adjara, sparking fascination with the visitors. The Adjara stand enabled the guests to take a look at the commercial videos projecting the region as well as get detailed information on how they could travel to Adjara.

The Department of Tourism of Adjara will carry on popularizing the region at the international tourism exhibitions and events throughout the year. In sum, the region’s touristic products will be featured at 27 international exhibitions in 2019.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

05 November 2019 20:36