Fit Club – A Modern Fitness Center in the Heart of Tbilisi

Physical activity and exercise can have immediate and long-term benefits on our health and reduce our risk of developing numerous diseases. Moreover, regular activity can reduce stress and gift us a feeling of happiness through the endorphins our body releases during exercise. As such, a healthy lifestyle is becoming an increasingly important part of our daily life.

This trend is also noticeable in Georgia, where more and more people, especially youth, start working out to improve their health and physical shape.

Choosing the right fitness center, one which is able to fully meet our needs and demands, is crucial. There are many such facilities in Tbilisi, and a modern fitness center Fit Club is distinguished among them.

The fitness center opened two years ago and was quick to gain popularity and trust among its customers due to its exclusive offers and services.

Fit Club, in all appearances like a prestigious fitness center of New York or Europe, offers unique opportunities for a healthier and happier life in one space in the heart of the Georgian capital, with diverse service and high-qualified instructors.

This is where you will find all the right conditions for active relaxation and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Fit Club’s convenient location in the city center is one of the main advantages of the club, as it is easily accessible for any visitor from any district of Tbilisi. Moreover, Fit Club offers its members a solution to one of the biggest problems nowadays: parking, with a well-arranged free parking system. Clients of Fit Club lose no time searching for a parking place while visiting the club.

By becoming a member of Fit Club, one gets full access to the latest sports equipment, including gym, personal trainer service, pilates reformer machines, Finnish Sauna and rooftop pool.

One of the most attractive and special features is an outdoor swimming pool located on the top floor of the building, filled with clean, turquoise water. The pool is available for Fit Club members year round.

At Fit Club, one can experience the highest level of service and a team of highly qualified, professional instructors who care about creating healthy and beautiful body shapes.

Apart from providing the best conditions for working out, the fitness club offers its members a healthy menu for which there are several profile cafes and restaurants in the same building.

The gym is located on the second floor of the building, while three different types of restaurants and two cafes on the lower floors, making it the perfect place not only for exercise, but for arranging meetings with friends and even business partners, or simply for a delicious and healthy lunch in calm and cozy environment. Once the workout is over and you want to rest, you don’t have to go anywhere – the restaurants and cafes are at your disposal in the same building!

At the Fit Club café, one can taste healthy, fresh detox cocktails and diverse dishes full of vitamins.

GEORGIA TODAY spoke to Sopho Meladze, Manager and Pilates, Swimming and Fitness Instructor of Fit Club, who elaborated on the benefits and advantages the newly opened fitness center offers its customers.

We have many fitness clubs here in Tbilisi. What makes Fit Club stand out?

Unlike other fitness clubs, we have everything our members need in one space, which is a great comfort for them. And our outdoor swimming pool operates year-round with the water cleaned daily. It is also comfortable for the customers that the hall is fitted with all kinds of equipment and that we also offer relaxation areas - a sauna and a café.

Fit Club was the first to bring pilates reformers into the country and now has its own certified pilates instructors. This service is especially popular among customers, as pilates has a significant effect on our body – strengthening and improving the shape of muscles and helping us look healthier and better.

Along with the latest equipment and reformers, we offer a dry sauna for our members’ maximum relaxation and comfort, a weight correction program and a personal coach service.

What makes the swimming pool so special compared to other pools?

I can confidently claim we have the cleanest “rooftop” pool in the center of Tbilisi, where the water is cleaned with the latest technologies daily. In our poolside café, we provide our users with a nutrition program, and they can buy healthy products and detox cocktails necessary for their diet on the spot.

Which features are especially attractive for customers at Fit Club?

Our club is designed for those who do not like crowded gyms or long queues at reformers in the hall. Upon arrival, you will pick up on the clean, well-arranged environment, smiling and friendly staff, qualified instructors and quality service. All our instructors are certified - both in the hall and in Pilates, which is yet another advantage of the Fit Club.

The biggest advantage of the Fit Club is that absolutely every coach is highly qualified, and the club has an ideal, orderly situation and service.

At first, we determine the goal of our members and then provide them with an individual workout and nutrition plan for the best results.


At Fit Club, one can enjoy a dry sauna. How beneficial is it for health?

The sauna is very relaxing and helps the muscles to relax after a workout. It also removes extra water, salts and toxins from the body. This, along with many other exclusive features offered by Fit Club, makes it a favorite place for those who care for their healthy and active life and seek maximum comfort.

04 November 2019 17:17