Vocational Training Program Development Based on the Estonian Model

On November 1, 11 am, a conference was held at the Hotel Rus: “Vocational Training Program Development Based on the Estonian Model”. 

The conference was launched by Ms. Kai Kaarelson- Estonia’s ambassador to Georgia. 

Within the conference were discussed the roles of international actors, private sector and civil society organizations in the development of vocational education in Georgia. Training programs as tools for responding to ever-changing market needs and the advancement of vocational education were also addressed. 

A professional training program called “Social Media Management” was presented amid the conference. Being inaugural in this field, the program was developed in collaboration with the private sector, social media management experts and vocational training institutions. 

“Nowadays, the vocational education system has difficulty responding to the needs of the labor market in Georgia. There is a lack of trust in the colleges from the private sector and examples of effective collaboration between the two are quite rare. Our project is an attempt to create a vocational training program that is in high demand in the labor market and to foster sustainable partnerships between the private sector and the colleges”, says Giorgi Khishtovani, the director of PMC Research Center.  

The program was developed under the auspices of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with PMC Research Center, Tallinn School of Economics, marketing agency GINGERS and Gldani Vocational Training Center. 

01 November 2019 17:43