The Wicked, Wicked, World

What kind of a man or woman should one be to, like more than half the world, feel good, pleased and content at his or her death? The other day, the most talked about breaking global news was the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. This doctor for Islamic studies and education-turned terrorist, once a shy young man, an unimpressive religious scholar and a bleak mosque cleric, became a self-designated Caliph of ISIS, an Islamic revolutionary who happened to be directly involved in atrocities and human rights violations on a grand scale and who went through internment in the United States, and when at large again, wanted to go for the genocide of Yazidis in Iraq, extensive sex slavery, organized rape, floggings, broad executions, massacres, mass crucifixions, and the putting to death of people via hacking, stoning and burning. No exaggeration! This is all written in books, and claims to be corroborated by numerous recorded occasions.

Al-Baghdadi was declared a leader of the Islamic State of Iraq almost ten years ago. ISIS is known as al-Qaeda in Iraq although the contradictions between these two notorious terrorist organizations have been known for quite a while now. It was said that Al-Baghdadi departed this life by self-detonating a suicide vest, taking with him three young children. This happened on October 26 as a result of the American Delta Force blitz military operation, using the air space currently controlled by Russia and Turkey. The name of the spot used by the American fighters is the Idlib province of Syria on the border with Turkey, where he was cornered in a tunnel after having been hunted by dogs trained in military chase operations. The bounty designated by the relevant American powers for Al-Baghdadi’s head, was as high as 25 million dollars for the supply of information on the culprit’s whereabouts. Well, the capture was certainly enabled but nobody knows if the fees were paid out or not.

I am unsure whether this coin has two sides or not, but the fact is that certain circumstances, which have yet to be recognized by the happier part of the world, turned a man as quiet as a church mouse not very long ago into a ferocious killer of international caliber. The official worldwide information has it that Al-Baghdadi and his bunch were recognized as a terrorist organization by the UN, EU and a certain amount of countries. Meanwhile the newly-killed Baghdadi was elevated to the rank of a Designated Global Terrorist. This taken for granted, it was considered fully legal to hunt him down and get him dead or alive. And who would have done this better than the Joint Special Operations Command's 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta of the United States of America!

The fun in all this is that the whole operation was electronically carried out from the basement of the West Wing of the White house, within the confines of which the so called Situation Room is located: a 500-square-meter strongly secured space used by the American Administration for handling crises at home and beyond. The Situation Room is equipped with the most sophisticated communications gear and software for America’s Chief Executive to control the actions of his highly-trained military forces around the world. The main players of the American military game were sitting comfortably in the room in each other’s fun company to watch on a big screen the happy moment of taking out one of America’s biggest sworn enemies, the world to hear at the end of the show from the President himself that the bad guy died like a dog and coward.

Totally rejecting the impression that the world has become a better and safer place to live, Man is still poised and ready to kill and then to revenge the committed murder. Nothing has changed in the human behavioral model since the bloodiest times of our shameful past – it remains as wicked as it has been for millennia. And for our spiritual comfort, we call it God’s Will.

By Nugzar B. Ruhadze 

31 October 2019 20:16