EUMM Releases Info on New Instances of Borderization

The EUMM reacted to the recent media reports and information distributed on social media and provided the following information:

“The EUMM did carry out a regular, scheduled patrol near the village of Atotsi in the early hours of 30 October. The EUMM is monitoring the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) to South Ossetia intensively both day and night and the presence of EUMM monitors was not a response to any specific incident as alleged by some sources. Rather, it was scheduled in advance according to the Mission’s patrolling plans,” reads the tweet from the EUMM team.

The European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM) has informed that they have observed “new fencing being installed” in the village of Atotsi, Kareli municipality, by occupation forces, ‘creating additional barriers to the freedom of movement for the conflict-affected population.’ 

The fieldworkers of EUMM have not observed any notable difference in stance or patrolling patterns of security actors from the Russian-controlled Tskhinvali, on the ground, compared to the recent past. “We evaluate the security situation on that specific section of the administrative boundary line (ABL) to be relatively stable presently,” the EUMM said. 

Georgian PM Giorgi Gakharia stated on October 20 that the actions of the occupying forces are “unacceptable.” 

By Beka Alexishvili

31 October 2019 16:49