MIA: 114 Persons Accused of Committing Lewd Acts against Minors

As reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 114 persons have been convicted of child sexual abuse in the course of 9 months of 2019. 

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is particularly concerned with the fight against sexual abuse and with investigations tailored to the interests of the victim. In order to prevent future offences, the Ministry has drafted a bunch of legislative changes that entail a more rigorous approach towards the offenders, the Ministry spokesperson noted. For instance, the perpetrators will be prohibited from working in educational institutions once they leave prison.

Another legislative change necessitates child rapists to be imprisoned for life. More than that, a database of convicted sex offenders will be created to protect minors from potential abuse. The Parliament of Georgia has already advocated this project. 

 “We address the public, children, parents and all those people who are concerned with the issue of sexual offense, to immediately notify the police about any doubtful activity so as to facilitate rapid reaction and prevent future crimes,” said Nino Tsatsiashvili, the Director of Quality Monitoring Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

30 October 2019 16:17