National Geographic – There is no Place on Earth Like Georgia

National Geographic has published the fourth article about Georgia within the framework of the marketing campaign of Tourism National Administration. The article “Off the beaten track in Georgia” by Aaron Huey describes the tourist potential of Georgia’s distinctive region - Svaneti. 

The author writes that Georgia is a country of 18,000-foot mountain peaks, ancient wine country, Black Sea Coast, stunning cathedrals and simple monasteries, and a tradition of feasting, singing, and dancing.

“When you visit Georgia, come ready for adventure, and that means not planning out every minute of your itinerary. Be sure to save enough days to not rush your time in the mountains. Let yourself wander and be caught up in the encounters and meals and festivals that you may find along the way. Be ready to learn a song with locals, drink some wine, and dance even if you’re shy, because I assure you when you look back on your life you won’t remember the experiences you shied away from, only the ones you said “yes” to. And if any place in the world is a place to say “Yes” it’s Georgia!,” Aaron Huey writes.

Read the full article here.

22 October 2019 16:25