The Story of the Staropramen Lottery

Alexandre Chaduneli won the joint lottery of Staropramen and Beer House, getting a fabulous seven-day trip to Prague for he and his wife and the chance to attend a concert dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Staropramen.

But in reality the trip was won by others. The story goes like this: four friends took part in the Staropramen lottery, drinking copious amounts of beer in Beer House. Their enthusiasm yielded results, as they were recognized as having drunk the most Staropramen, and won the trip to Prague. However, the lottery envisaged only one winner and the trip was meant for two. Four friends put their heads together to decide which of them would visit one of Europe’s most alluring cities. In the end, they decided to make their friend happy and offer him the chance to visit Prague with his wife. This friend turned out to be Alexandre Chaduneli.

“My friends offered me the trip to Prague that they won in the Staropramen lottery,” Chaduneli said. “This was a mind-blowing surprise! Me and my spouse stayed in Prague for 7 days. I am delighted. Staropramen’s factory tour was enchanting; and the concert dedicated to Staropramen’s 150-year anniversary was stunning! We had an amazing journey. I feel very lucky to have such friends!”

21 October 2019 18:07