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Unmanned Air Technologies

Unmanned Air Technologies is Georgian tech that can fly without a pilot, ideal for everything from supporting rescue operations and discovering fire hazard zones to transporting medical loads. The idea united Ivane Maisaia, Amiran Ananiashvili, and Nikoloz Tsutskiridze who, with the support of Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency, completed a test-run product. The three agreed on one goal: to found a small-scale enterprise which will produce Unmanned Air Technologies for European and American markets. They also want to develop methods that will become globally-important for producing unmanned air-transportation systems, and to interest the representatives of optics, robot-technology, electronics, alternative energies and other fields.


Waffle Nest

Waffle Nest is the dream come true of 25-year-old married couple Ana and Anzori. They admit to having been inexperienced when they came to facing the challenges and tireless work, but their love for the job meant they kept at it. Their hard-work soon paid off and the café is now a favorite for many. Anzori and Ana decorated it themselves and work daily doing the job with love and dedication. At Waffle Nest, the most important thing is the comfortable, welcoming environment making guests feel at home.


Brim Tbilisi

Brim Tbilisi is the name of the first eco-friendly hotel in Georgia. 70% solar powered, the hotel is the brainchild of German and Georgian creators for whom ecology and sustainable development while protecting the environment was something they wanted to focus on. Eco-friendliness is the policy inside the hotel, too – only ecological production is used in the menu and the design is as authentic as it could be while also keeping the “vintage effect” of Old Tbilisi. The founders of the 52-room hotel report that each person that decides to stay at Brim Tbilisi leaves the place very satisfied, but that this is “only the beginning.”

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21 October 2019 17:54