Bocuse d'Or Georgia Jury Members and Contestants Evaluation Criteria

Bocuse d'Or Georgia national competition will be judged by Georgian and foreign chefs, restaurateurs and famous representatives of the field, including Giorgi Iosava, Manuel Fundes Baranda, Guram Baghdoshvili, Levan Kobiashvili, Giorgi Sarajishvili, Meriko Gubeladze, Misha Avsajanishvili and Vladislav Jatsuki.

On November 2-3, at Expo Georgia's 11th Pavilion, they will reveal the best team from the eight candidates to represent Georgia on the Continental European Semifinal.

"Gastronaut" representatives spoke to several members of the jury regarding the issue.

 “The field of Georgian gastronomy has been locked up for years and has not crossed national borders, however, through the Bocuse d'Or that it has been possible to open those borders. It is a great motivation for our young generation of chefs to participate in this championship. I would also like to note that we have very little chance of getting to the finals of the competition, but this championship will become a kind of a trampoline for us to win various international competitions later in the year,” said chef and restaurateur Giorgi Iosava.

Bocuse d'Or has been held for 30 years, with the participation of representatives of the world's leading gastro countries. Accordingly, they have extensive experience and practice in this field. That is why Executive Brand Chef - Guram Baghdoshvili believes that participation in this competition is associated with a great challenge and overcoming many obstacles for Georgia: "Each participant of Bocuse d'Or Georgia faces very difficult obstacles. Skills, techniques, technologies, structure, the opportunity to use modern tools - this is a small part of the list each Georgian contestant will have to face. I would also like to point out that it will be difficult for us to acquire modern tools through which different components of the dish are made, and the above will further complicate the learning process. " He also noted that on November 2 and 3, in addition to the standard criterias of Bocuse d'Or, he will use a personal evaluation scheme and focus on the following components: difficulty, modern trend and technology, taste, visual, innovation ...

The Brand Chef - Giorgi Sarajishvili notes that not much time has passed since we learned that there are many other interesting dishes besides Caesar and Mexican Potatoes, adding that we have had positive changes in the field of gastronomy in last 10 years and it will take us about the same period of time to develop the field properly.

“Bocuse d'Or is an important project that will help us develop the Georgian gastronomy. We need to learn the following components: product processing techniques, visuals, presentation. It is important to master all this in order to develop the field of gastronomy in general,” he explained.

Product processing techniques, seasonal products, and dish presentation - these are the key features through which Sarajishvili will evaluate competitors.

Levan Kobiashvili, president of Bocuse d'Or Georgia, who is also a member of the jury, believes that Bocuse d'Or is a successful gastronomic championship around the world that promotes the professional growth of young people: “Bocuse d’Or is the large-scale platform for chefs where they work on improving techniques, undergo great practice and become masters of the field. The competition will promote Georgian gastronomy and tourism. No such large-scale project has been implemented in Georgia so far. ”

Bocuse d’Or Georgia is organized by the consulting agency Gastronaut.

The national championship winners will travel to Tallinn for the European Continental Semifinals. If successful in this competition, in 2021, Georgia will compete in the Bocuse d'Or international final in France. The 24 finalists will compete for the Golden Bocuse Award in the city of Lyon.

21 October 2019 17:17