Police Arrest Five Members of a Criminal Gang in Tbilisi

5 members of a criminal gang were arrested in Tbilisi on charges of group robbery, crime preparation and illegal firearms possession and carrying.

The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports that on October 18th, four persons- N.M (born in 1977); D.G (born in 1960); G,M (born in 1960) and N.K (born in 1965), were detained while planning a break-in assault on one of the citizens’ houses on Janjgava Sreet, Tbilisi.

On the same occasion, officers arrested Z.M. (born in 1986), on charges of failure to report a crime.

The investigation established that on August 28th, the criminal group committed a burglary attack on the house of one of the citizens in the settlement of Okrokana. They robbed family members of their money, gold jewelry, registered firearms, a car; and fled the scene.

The law enforcers found out that the members of the criminal group were also planning a robbery attack on one of the families in Avchala District of Tbilisi; however, an attack was not carried out as a result of an effective police response.

The above-mentioned crime envisages from 8 to 12 years of imprisonment.

By Elene Dzebisashvili 

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21 October 2019 15:30