Khazaradze Presents 12 More Members of Lelo Movement

Mamuka Khazaradze, the founder of the TBC Bank and Anaklia Development Consortium, has announced 12 more new members of his recently-established public movement Lelo.

The new members are; 1. Kakha Khazaradze - Businessman; 2. Natalia Barateli - Master of Engineering-Geophysics, and an independent expert of education; 3. Levan Kokiashvili - Restaurator, sommelier, and founder of the Gastronaut Company; 4.Vazha Samadbegishvili - Mechanical engineer, Director General of Kadewe Georgia Company; 5. Lasha Margiani - Poet, artist, and civil activist; 6. Mariam Tavadze - Philologist, translator, Schumann European Institution of Georgian Language and Literature; 7. Alexandre Ratishvili - Engineer economist, and businessman; 8. Levan Lomtadze - Business administration specialist, and the President of the Youth Wing international (American) charity organization; 9. Giorgi Bichiashvili - Doctor of Technical Sciences; 10. Giorgi Mchedlishvili - Academic Doctor of History Sciences; 11. Irakli Kutsia – a Specialist of international relations; and 12. Mariam Aprasidze - Civic Activist, Graduate of the American Academy.

The presentation was live on Lelo’s official Facebook page. During the nominating process, Khazaradze mentioned that the Lelo movement after having existed only for a month has 1500 active members.

“We did not know each other before but we do now. We were united by the idea of building Georgia, and by the idea that we need a change in our country. This process [of our expansion] will continue until we make a change in all the social, economic, and political fields. It will continue until we unite each person over one strong national idea,” Khazaradze said at the presentation of new Lelo Movement members on October 18.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

18 October 2019 14:32