The Best Acharuli Khachapuri Awaits You at Puri Guliani

The exceptionally rich and diverse gastronomic culture of Georgia has gone well beyond the borders of the country and mesmerized foreigners all across the globe. However, Georgian pastries with a centuries-long history represent yet another dimension of the country’s cuisine and are certainly worth exploring.

Khachapuri, comprising of dough stuffed with melting cheese, is one of the most outstanding dishes on the list of Georgian bakes. Khachapuri comes in all sorts of forms, in accordance with traditions of the different regions of Georgia, and is among the favorite Georgian gourmet pleasures for locals as well as guests to the country. But Ajarian (Acharuli) khachapuri is particularly outstanding in shape, technique of preparation and absolutely mouthwatering taste.

While this specialty is a discovery for foreigners, for Georgians, Acharuli khachapuri is a dish that brings the wonderful, unforgettable memories of childhood and the incredible flavors of granny’s kitchen, or the best holidays spent in the region of Ajara on the Black Sea coast. That is why it is of crucial importance for Georgians that Acharuli khachapuri be cooked to perfection. Even though you will probably come across this dish in many eateries countrywide, it is a real challenge to find a really good one.

However, there is a venue in the very heart of the Georgian capital, named Puri Guliani, which has something interesting to offer you. However, before speaking about their Acharuli khachapuri, it is worth saying something of the restaurant and its interesting name.

Puri Guliani was the name, our ancestors used for pastries baked in the different regions of Georgia with diverse fillings and offered to honorable guests. Today, Puri Guliani is the modern Sakhabazo (bakery) in Tbilisi, reviving ancient gastronomic traditions, constantly enriching and modernizing the Georgian cuisine and focusing on offering clientele the best pastries in the city.

Puri Guliani is a place where, along with an incredible array of thrilling pastries, you can discover the most outstanding Acharuli khachapuri.

The moment you enter, you can smell a hypnotizing aroma of fresh baked goods coming out of the red-hot oven. The chef works in an open kitchen to show guests a real masterclass of preparing authentic boat-shaped Acharuli khachapuri and to give them a chance to travel in the universe of ancient traditions of Georgian gastronomy.

The process of preparation of Acharuli khachapuri is nothing short of pleasure, but the products used for the dish are equally important. The sky-high quality of products, including the best selected cheese and flour, as well as a small “chef’s secret,” are the major factors making the khachapuri of Puri Guliani so perfect, cheesy, crispy and certainly unforgettable. The special oven also plays a significant role, as it ensures the balanced distribution of heat and contributes to the ideal preparation of the dish.

When cooked, the Acharuli khachapuri, with browned edges and stuffed with melted cheese, is topped with an egg, much resembling the sun. It adds a sprinkle of uniqueness to the appearance of the course, as well as its taste.

The Acharuli khachapuri of Puri Guliani is undoubtedly a ‘must-taste’ for food-lovers, or the ones striving to discover the best of the authentic Georgian cuisine. What’s more, it should definitely be paired with a glass or two of soft drink, especially the famous Georgian flavored Lagidze waters.

On a final note, the pleasant environ of the venue should not be missed either. All the said elements of Puri Guliani make it exceptional and make a very special dining venue for friends and family alike.

By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

17 October 2019 18:01