They Love Impeachments in America, Don’t They?


Several funny new terms have broken into the American political lingo, coined by journalists and politicians, among them: Russiagate, Monica Zelenski, OBushinton, etc. The first two are more or less comprehensible, but the third one probably needs interpretation to make some sense out of it. The facetious word is a combination of the famous names of Obama, Bush and Clinton – all of them part of Washington, the metonym of the American administration.

All the new appellations were born in the boisterous presidential term of Donald Trump, who is now in GOP’s good favor, within the ranks of which he had quite a number of opponents not very long ago. Concerning the American electorate, almost half of them are said to be on his side. Those who remember Reagan’s deeply conservative America, when public elation was in its zenith, and the famous Reaganomics, were not devoid of appreciating the success too, but there came a slump with liberal aberration following his presidency. This is the legacy of democrats, assisted by hesitating republicans, who Donald Trump has bumped into with excruciating force, but now, as the President is gathering momentum for counterassault, he is preparing to get rid of the OBushinton populace in the American political arena.

The world knows well that Trump is simply allergic to anything that could reasonably be called fake, be it the news industry, faith in his presidency, or personal relations. Who am I to judge the intricacies of the American political reality, its past, present or future? But this is what the American press is saying.

The Ukrainian hullabaloo has also proven false and the President has already made several public appearances on the still-hot issue. Democrats do not want to believe that their impeachment overture has suffered, which was inevitably doomed from the very inception if the prediction of conservative political analysts means anything at all. It is amazing that democrats want so much to have America’s chief executive downtrodden and crushed. I wonder if they truly love America. Well-known American journalist, publishing executive, commentator and author Robert Merry recently observed that a central reality of American politics is that when the president is weakened at home, America is weakened abroad. Would democrats be happy if the United States lost its strongest points while negotiating certain important deals with various nations, especially with Russia and China? It is axiomatic that the weakened American position is directly conducive to lowering the standard of living of the entire American people.

I hate to mention the dark times of Watergate, but it has happened in actual fact and America is not guaranteed that it will not happen again. Unless my memory fails me, it was the time of almost triumphant negotiations between the States and USSR and the well-remembered rapprochement between America and China. What happened is that those most welcome deals failed; the contesting oil suppliers were given a chance to better compete; abandoning Vietnam war-fields with the stigma of shame ensued; the habitual American pride was subdued and almost killed.

President Nixon avoided impeachment because he resigned under the pressure of his own comrades-in-arms, but was America a winner in the long run? The question is mere rhetoric and not for me to answer of course. Instead, I have a quote from the American press: “Not until the 1980s did America begin to regain the prestige and luster, the confidence and pride that it had once enjoyed.” And right in the middle of that luster, there came the case of another impeachment, the culprit at the moment of shame being Bill Clinton. Incidentally, the Clintons make a curious political phenomenon which needs our special attention, but only after the Trumpian thunderstorm is dealt with and the skies are a little clearer for telling casual stories. Meanwhile, the Democrats are still hopeful and determined to finally get to Trump, but when all the variables are put together for further reasoning, the chances of another court case against the President of the United States of America look very slim. So much better for the Land, the main law of which is still functional enough to let the American people know who is wrong and who is right.

By Nugzar B. Ruhadze 

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17 October 2019 17:46