Police Restrain Transportation of Journalists near the Occupation Line

Police have restrained journalists' entering the territory of the occupation line. The media representatives are not allowed near Atotsi; officers stopped them in the village of Shakshaketi, Municipality of Kareli. However, the police did not restrain members of the movement “Change it” to move along. The movement was headed to Atotsi to protest Russian occupation but they remained in Shakshaketi beside the journalists, showing solidarity.  

Journalists were headed to Atotsi to report on the situation in the forest of Chorchana-Tsaghvli-Kobi.

Yesterday, on October 16, Davit Katsarava, the leader of the movement “Force in Unity” spread the information that the occupants headed to Kobi and the village would soon be on the other side of the occupation line.

On the same day, the State Security Service reported that no illegal “borderization” is taking place near the village of Kobi. However, provocative actions are made near the villages of Chorchana and Tsaghvili, showing signs of illegal ‘borderization’.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

Image source: jam-news.net

16 October 2019 14:01