Pashinyan Compliments Georgian-Armenian Relations

"Undoubtedly, the Georgians have observed that since my election to the office of Prime Minister, Georgian -Armenian relations have been characterized by exceptional warmth, active and sincere exchanges, and forthright and trust-based dialogue on troubling issues. All this displays that relations with Georgia are of utmost interest for Armenia," Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan said after an official meeting with his Georgian counterpart PM Giorgi Gakharia.

“Unsurprisingly, then, my first visit in the rank of Prime Minister was held in Georgia," Pashinyan added. "The dynamic of our contacts, the level of our relations, and PM Gakharia's visit testify to the fact that Georgia ascribes special importance to relations with Armenia. Our negotiations today have been significant and effective to reaffirm the high level of our relations and our mutual commitment to fostering further development in this direction. My colleague and I discussed a wide range of issues on our bilateral agenda, which is broad and comprehensive enough to transcend the boundaries of just one meeting. We commended the resumption of the work of the Armenia-Georgia Intergovernmental Commission after a long pause, and we hope that, through joint effort, every agreement in the protocols of the commission's 10th meeting will be fulfilled shortly. Importantly, the Armenia-Georgia Business Forum was held within the framework of the commission to pave the way for the trade and economic relations between our countries. Especially important to us is the implementation of transport and energy projects in order to develop bilateral economic relations and ensure regional sustainability."

He also noted that Armenia shares views on the issue of extending mutual humanitarian connections. “We emphasized the importance of protecting each other's cultural heritage, and we commended every effort invested in this direction so far,” the Armenian President said, highlighting that safeguarding regional peace and the environment are among the most important foreign policy issues.

“I am convinced that, in this regard, the relations between Armenia and Georgia must develop without interference from external factors. We must promote and support each other in every area. In this context, we discussed regional conflicts. We are unanimous in that these conflicts must be resolved peacefully, in line with the principles of international law, and we must support each other in peaceful conflict-regulation,” concludes the Armenian Prime Minister.  

By Beka Alexishvili

16 October 2019 13:37