Global Hunger Index 2019: Georgia Takes 40th Place

Concern Worldwide and Wlthungerhilfe have published the annual Global Hunger Index 2019. Created in 2006, the data has since unleashed reports on hunger globally, by region, and by country. It aims to raise awareness of the issue, especially in the countries and regions where hunger is a severe problem.

This year’s overall score is 20.0. The value reflects a decline in the global GHI score in each period examined since 2000 when the global GHI score was 29.0. Then, the Global Hunger Index fell into the "serious" category. Since then, it has gradually become "moderate."

The GHI 2019 evaluated data from 117 countries. The progress made in the last few years is undeniable but the authors report: “There is still much work to be done before hunger and undernutrition can be eradicated for good”. The UN’s second Sustainable Development Goal—known in short as Zero Hunger— aims to reach zero hunger by 2030."

The GHI 2019 data shows that 47 countries of the world have serious or alarming issues concerning hunger. The Central African Republic’s data is extremely alarming, the country’s GHI score being 53.6.

Georgia’s GHI score placed the country on the 40th place right next to the Dominican Republic. Azerbaijan and Armenia did better, being 29th and 30th on the list.

By Nini Dakhundaridze
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15 October 2019 14:37