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Tbilisi in Virtual Reality

Exploring Tbilisi is now possible without a direct visit, through VR application ‘Virtual Tbilisi’ by Georgian company Vrex Immersive. The app offers 22 videos depicting 360-degree images of 22 popular tourist locations in Tbilisi, with an audioguide included. Users can virtually visit the tourist attractions of the capital and listen to their history. Take a virtual ride on the Rike ropeway to Narikala Fortress or a funicular climb, explore samples of Tbilisi street art, the Ethnographic Museum, various recreational areas, colorful Tbilisi yards and more. The app is available on Android Play Store and Oculus Go App Store platforms and is free to access.


TBC Bank Employes Who Benefit from Startup “Maternity Leave”

TBC, to contribute to the development of a startup ecosystem, gives time and space to its most innovative employees to test their skills in startups and then decide whether to put all their energy into the new business or return to TBC. TBC's new project ‘Maternity Leave,’ received great feedback and the jury heard dozens of interesting ideas. The winners, ‘Ge Parts’ (Paata Beriashvili, TBC Bank Credit Business Development League, Service Expert), ‘Inventor’ (Tornike Kipiani, TBC Bank External Sales Network Development Manager) and ‘Mushroom’ (Tornike Kachkachishvili, TBC Bank's Business Mobilbank Group Digital Service Expert) won their own, paid business-making “maternity leave.”


12-year-old Entrepreneur Adds ‘Photo Candy’ to the Production of Homemade Lolipops

Young entrepreneur Giorgi Sheshaberidze, who owns a nationally successful homemade lollipop business in Gori, introduced a new idea at the Entrepreneur Magazine event: Photo Candy. Giorgi knew the event was dedicated to Anna Wintour and so put her photo on his lollipops to show off his new idea. The talented young entrepreneur started making and selling lollipops at the age of 11, using his brand ‘Dora’ to protest the Russian occupation by featuring the inscription "Stop Russia" on his candy.

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14 October 2019 15:45