Man Accused of Killing Ex-wife Sentenced to Imprisonment

Irakli Dekanoidze, 32, accused of murdering his ex-wife in Khashuri District, Georgia, has been found guilty.

According to the judgment of the Gori District Court, he was sentenced to imprisonment, as requested by the prosecution.

The accused himself admits the accusation partly, claiming that he had no premeditated murder.

The pre-trial court hearing has been scheduled for December 6 at Gori District Court.

The tragic incident occurred on October  11 in Khashuri, a town in the central part of Georgia, located on the Shida Kartli plain.

As for the reasons behind the brutal murder, the claims were made that the woman had filed for divorce. Since then, the man had kept children away from her. The conflict over who should be a guardian for their kids ended tragically, as the mother was shot by her ex-husband.

By Ana Dumbadze 

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14 October 2019 10:37