MIA Arrests 8 for Drug Crime, Including 5 Dealers

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (MIA) has arrested eight persons for a drug-related crime, including five drug dealers,” Mamuka Chelidze, the Head of the Main Division for Combat Organized Crime of the Central Criminal Police Department of the MIA, said at a briefing today, noting that the Ministry of Internal Affairs continues an active and uncompromising fight against drug crime.

One offender, I.K. (born in 1992) was detained in Tbilisi. During the search of his apartment, 1303 pills and 16 pieces of Subutex, 2900 USD and 100 GEL were seized as evidence. In addition, the law enforcers also seized 40 pills of Subotex, prepared for sale by the accused at various locations. Investigation is in progress under the article 260, part 4 of Criminal Code of Georgia.

One person, N.M., born in 1982, was arrested in Rustavi. Police seized 963 grams of heroin from him.

The investigation is in progress under subparagraph A of the 6th part of article 260 of Criminal Code Georgia.

In addition, members of the criminal group were arrested on charges of illegally purchasing and keeping large quantities of drugs and selling them in Tbilisi. The following persons were detained on the basis of the judge's ruling: Z.B., born in 1972, A. T., born in 1976, and B.K., born in 1971.

Officers of Vake-Saburtalo Police Department arrested another drug dealer. During a personal search of I. C., born in 1988, 1 package of drug "Amphetamine", 8 packages of new psychoactive substance - so-called Bio and 2 packages of marijuana were seized.

Police arrested one person, V. H., born in 1991, at Tbilisi Airport on the fact of bringing the especially big quantity of drugs to Georgia, seizing a drug containing up to 500 grams of heroin. 

Another offender was detained at Tbilisi International Airport. Police officers seized 23 kilograms of marijuana while searching the luggage of D.D., born in 1959. The investigation is in progress under Articles 260 and 262 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

Since January 1, 2019 to the present day, as a result of operative investigations carried out by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 26 kg of heroin, 2 kg of cocaine, 13500 pills of Subutex and Suboxone, 23 kg of “MDMA”, 9.7 Kg of psychoactive substance and 1 kilo and 500 grams of psychotropic drugs were seized,” said Mamuka Chelidze.

By Ana Dumbadze 

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11 October 2019 15:13