Park Fest Tbilisi

In celebration of the beautiful Tbilisian autumn, Dighomi Forest is hosting Park Fest Tbilisi this weekend, on October 12-13. 

Co-hosted by Tbilisi City Hall, CaYNex and Funday Entertainment, the Park Fest Tbilisi promises a kid-friendly, relaxing two-day event packed with fun activities. 

The Fest will feature a game space with retro game consoles and PlayStations, as well as open-air movie projectors. The organizers know that spending time outdoors increases appetite so food stations will offer all kinds of dishes and snacks – including vegan products. The guests of the festival can also show up with their food as the setting will be picnic-friendly, offering tables, chairs, even traveling rugs and hammocks for a nice breezy relaxation. Digesting food is better with a little exercise so yoga circle will be open for all to join in.

For the evening events, as music bands come out to sing to perfect your experience at the Park Fest Tbilisi open-air bars will offer drinks. 

The band lineup for Saturday, October 12: Mechanical RainbowFour-Dimensional Monster; LobstersBedford FallsZiad Aliev.
The lineup for Sunday, October 13: Movement Theatre Band; CreamsKillagesLOUDspeakers.

CaYNex organization will engage the public in quizzes and game about the environment and sustainability issues, as well as workshops for street-art, music and hand-made pieces (which the guests of the festival will then be able to take home). 

A fair selling hand-made jewelry, accessories, etc. crafted by children from the social factory based in Kaspi, will present beautiful pieces to the guests of the festival. You can sign up here to register your hand-made arts and crafts and participate in the Park Fest Tbilisi fair. 

 Attendance at the Park Fest Tbilisi is free of charge. The exact location is Akhmeteli Street, Tbilisi.


 By Nini Dakhundaridze
Image source: Facebook Page of the event.


11 October 2019 12:54