Impeach Trump? – Good Luck!


Is Donald Trump good or bad for civilization in general and for America in particular? My personal opinion has no considerable weight to flaunt, so I am mostly about what I have heard so far. Since the difficult times of Abraham Lincoln, America has never been divided as much as it is nowadays, and the opposed political forces of the country have never displayed this much disdain for each other as they do right now. What a terrible example for Georgia from a paragon of political solidity!

Trump was elected almost a term ago, but the unbridled hatred of Democrats towards his activity and his personality is not subsiding. They have not yet found enough will in themselves to recover from the shock they suffered following Hillary Clinton’s loss of the presidential race. Memorably, at that crucial-for-the-nation moment, the democrats had almost made it to the historical triumph, and all of a sudden, Nike lifted on her powerful wings not the running madam but her adversary. And the very second the unexpected fiasco took place, the disheartened Democrats swore to God to bring down the newly born star of American politics at any cost, having since made this goal the most vested political interest of their lives.

This is a brief story of how the quarter-of-a-millennium American political culture may collapse and never recuperate. Whatever Trump accomplishes, the Democrats are tramping down no matter how strong and healthy the achievement might be ranking to benefit the American people. Democrats have a vicious determination, at least this is the general impression, to see the sitting president in the most painfully ignominious topsy-turvy in history. Why? What’s wrong with the losers? Can’t they wait until the end of this presidential term and then, fully restored and reinvigorated, start the coming-up race and relax at the end of the marathon on the laurel-strewn makeshift ceremonial elevation? Of course they can’t! Because they know they are going to lose the next battle too.

The problem with Democrats is that they have lost the electoral confidence and are craving compensation for the defeat with a monstrous political court case like impeachment against the President of the United States of America, whose popularity both at home and abroad is growing like crazy. Trump is working hard, and is working for America. He is certainly a controversial leader, every once in a while making an unpopular decision, and yet he is in control, firmly standing on pure American values, reminding us of the days of the unforgettable missionary. His recent comparison with Washington in a negative context, clownishly engineered by his permanently-angered opponents, only elevates him to the level of founding fathers, inspired by ideals like the American Dream and America First.

Trump certainly has his share of blunders and weaknesses, but how about the feats under his belt, all based on officially published and readily accessible data: millions of newly created jobs and lowered unemployment, economic growth, enhanced household income, improved vocational education, heightened optimism about the future, a surge in retail sales, the biggest tax cut in history, a record number of eliminated regulations, more affordable healthcare and generic drugs, the reform of Medicare, reduced high-dose opioid prescriptions, expended tele-health services, increase in coal and gas exports, withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, repaired military funding, more circuit court judges, backing out from the one-sided Iran Deal, moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, strengthened protection of Americans from terrorists, keeping open Guantanamo Bay, the historic US-Mexico Trade Deal to replace NAFTA, the agreement with the EU to increase American exports, imposed tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum to protect national security, imposition of tariffs on China, refreshment of the style in dealing with Russia, stricter handling of the nuclear proliferation dilemma, limited financial and political participation in international organizations, restriction of unbridled immigration, improved vetting and screening for refugees, switched focus to overseas resettlement, building the wall on the Mexican border to eliminate crime. And this is not the complete roster of Trumpian deeds, making him a good enough an American president to continue ruling the country and even better an international player, presenting America to the world in a totally renovated image. Again, this is not me, but only what I have read and heard!

By Nugzar B. Ruhadze

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10 October 2019 16:54