The Senate Advocates Repercussions for Pulling Out of Syria

On the 9th of October, President Erdogan announced a full-scale offensive on Syria, East of the Euphrates, in which Turkish forces are aiming at ‘ISIL’ formations and armed Kurdish battalions.

For the initiation of the offensive, a number of American Senators demanded sanctions against Ankara. The resolution project was developed by Lindsey Graham, a Republican Senator for South Carolina, whose decree was even supported by Democrat Chris Van Hollen.

Both American Senators call for sanctions on banking assets on the whole administration of Turkey, as well as, trading restrictions and tariffs on Turkish products. More significantly, they advocated on the constraint of selling American military and defensive equipment to Turkey.      

"Most Members of Congress believe it would be wrong to abandon the Kurds who have been strong allies against ISIS," – writes Graham in a Tweet. Senator Van Hollen and Graham further accuse President Trump of passive negligence.  

By Beka Alexishvili

10 October 2019 13:41
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