Georgian PM to visit Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey this Month

“The new Prime Minister of Georgia, Giorgi Gakharia, will visit neighboring countries which are our most important partners in both foreign policy and trade-economic fields this month, starting the tour by visiting Azerbaijan on October 10,” the administration of the Government of Georgia reports.

The PM will visit Armenia next week and will arrive in Turkey at the end of October.

The administration also says that his visit to Brussels will take place as soon as the renewed European Commission begins to exercise its powers.

Gakharia replaced Mamuka Bakhtadze in the role in early September, previously serving as the interior minister of the country.

After being nominated as Prime Minister on 8 September, Gakharia's incoming cabinet won the parliamentary vote of confidence with 98 votes for with none against.

By Ana Dumbadze

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09 October 2019 11:36