Korea Broadcasting System Promotes Georgia

Georgian National Tourism Administration (GNTA) continues active promotion of Georgia and introducing country to wider audiences through various international media platforms, including the world-renowned CNN and National Geographic. This time, Korea Broadcasting System (KBS), the national public broadcaster of South Korea has launched a special program and video clips on Georgia.

Journalists from Korea have traveled to different regions of Georgia, explored the country for two weeks and prepared an impressive material for the shows "Everywhere K" and "Food Odyssey". Through the 50-minute long documentary and 10 short video clips, the journalists accentuated Georgia’s prospects for developing the tourism sector, as well as the country’s diverse cuisine and unique wines.

Aside Korea’s leading TV channel, the video clips about Georgia have been promoted through different social networks.

The project has been launched as a result of the collaboration of the GNTA and Embassy of Georgia in the Republic of Korea.


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

08 October 2019 16:18