Tbilisi the Number One City to Get Drunk

Travel magazine NO-YOLO has published a list of the best cities in the world to get drunk.

Georgia’s capital city, Tbilisi, ranks 1st among the top ten cities, suggested by the travel writer Stephen Carr, for NO-YOLO.

According to the author, Tbilisi is a dynamic and cheap city full of bars that are run by young and interesting people.

“Everything, and I mean everything, in Georgia is designed for you to get shitfaced: the food, the people, the price of taxis. Christ, one of their largest exports is a mineral water that is viewed by locals as the ultimate cure for both a hangover and cancer,” Carr said.

“On a side note, I later found out the person that owns the hostel is named “Nazi.” I’m not kidding. It’s a fairly common Georgian first name. It means ‘gentle’,” Carr explains.

02 November 2015 19:49