Price, Camera Capabilities, Durability & Fast Charging - HUAWEI Knows Exactly What Customers Want

Sales of the P Smart Z series smartphones at HUAWEI's partner stores in Georgia began three months ago. The new model, with its unique combination of progressive technology, revolutionary aesthetic design and affordable price, has proven a hit with Georgian consumers.

"Technology of the Future in a Budget Smartphone" was the assessment made globally and on the Georgian market, and it is not unfounded: this is a smartphone which allows customers to keep up with the times and share in future technology. The HUAWEI P Smart Z is designed primarily for students and young professionals, that is, for consumers who want to enjoy future technologies, but periodically have to manage their own small business and spend a great deal of time on learning and education.

Why do Georgian consumers choose HUAWEI smartphones? Because the company always offers the best equipment in the market, knowing exactly what customers want and putting their interests at first place, camera capabilities, durability and fast charging.

The HUAWEI P Smart Z is the latest model of HUAWEI's budget P Smart series, with a ditch-free screen and pop-up camera only found in flagships. With AI, the HUAWEI P smart Z can detect more than 500 scenes, analyzing and optimizing scenes and guaranteeing your photos will always be clear and precise - these are the benefits that make Georgian consumers’ choice easier.

As the HUAWEI Georgia office explains, due to its features the HUAWEI P smart Z is designed for younger users and is preferable both in design and technical features of camera, battery and processor. "When it comes to the P smart Z's features, of course, we have to consider it in terms of the appropriate price category,” says Tinatin Japaridze, representative of HUAWEI's Marketing Department. “At the price it costs today, the P smart Z is definitely the best choice. And what makes it stand out is the all-new pop-up innovative Selfie camera, which as soon as you turn on the Selfie mode, automatically emerges from the phone body in seconds. At the expense of the built-in and auto-rotating camera in this body, screen space was saved, as we no longer have a front-facing camera and therefore the screen is larger and of course offers a wider image.”

Japaridze adds that the AI camera system, in this price category, really is one of the most attractive factors for customers who are less confident shooting details in a photo as a professional would. Al, offering assistance by itself adjusting the colors, lighting, identifying the object and determining the way to capture the best result.

“Smartphones are a device we constantly need, much more so for the younger generation- it has become an integral part of their lives. All our contacts, information, games, apps, etc. are there. Consequently, a dead phone is a big pain, and that is why the HUAWEI P smart Z is the best choice for the younger generation that needs a durable smartphone,” the HUAWEI Georgia representative states.

The HUAWEI P smart Z comes equipped with AI and the Kirin 710F, ensuring smooth handling of all necessary tasks. What's more, with its camera lens provides crystal-clear imaging, with the perfect perception of details, and lighting adjustment technology.

The P Smart Z is equipped with a 16MP + 8 MP + 2MP triple camera system. The 8 MP camera is capable of shooting at a 120-degree width which is very handy for views, and the 2MP sensor works in coordination with the main camera and allows you to shoot SLR quality photos.

The screen of the P Smart Z is distinguished by the fact that it has no frame and slider to create a full screen. By relocating the front camera, earpiece, and light sensor, the HUAWEI created a sleek 19.5:9 screen aspect ratio. With a 2340 x 1080 Full HD display and a pixel density of 391 PPI the HUAWEI screen appears to work like a magnifying glass, accurately capturing all the details while the rich color palette creates a vibrant, blazing, visual effect with bold textures and sharp features.

In the end, the HUAWEI P smart Z is the best choice for users needing all those important features at the same time as affordability.

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By Mariam Merabishvili

07 October 2019 17:34