MIA Arrests 6 for Drug Crime

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has arrested six persons for a drug-related crime, including two drug dealers,” Mamuka Chelidze, the Head of the Main Division for Combat Organized Crime of the Central Criminal Police Department of the MIA, said at the briefing today.

Two offenders were detained in Phonichala District, in Tbilisi.

T.G., (born in 1971) was arrested in his own house. Seven packages of heroin were seized.

As for the second drug dealer detained in Ponichala, O.G., (born in 1986), police seized three packages of heroin from his own house. 

Three kilograms of heroin were seized from I.B., (born in 1979).

In addition, 2 members of the criminal group were arrested on charges of illegally purchasing and keeping large quantities of drugs and bringing them to Georgia.

L.M., born in 1984, was detained at the Batumi International Airport while trying to bring the especially big quantity of marijuana to Georgia.

Investigations into the mentioned facts have been launched under Articles 260, 261, 262, 263 and 353 (I) of the Criminal Code of Georgia, involving the illegal purchase, storing and import of narcotic drugs of large quantities and psychotropic substances.

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By Ana Dumbadze 

24 September 2019 15:59