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Piel Naturanls

Piel Naturanls, a brand producing self-care goods which launched three years ago with cocoa butter, currently boasts nearly 60 different products and is soon to be exported to Dubai. Tamar Lomadze, founder, says all products are handmade at a laboratory in Tbilisi using a special formula and are natural. There is growing demand for the products, which can now be found in their own shop and in several other sales locations. The plans for the near future include assimilation to international markets.


DR.GOODS is to offer sterile and non-sterile products for medical services. The enterprise will produce various goods for the medical sector, including sets of bedclothes, covers, sheets as well as surgical scrubs, all Made in Georgia. This is the first Georgian enterprise to operate in this field. DR.GOODS is yet another winning project of Startup Georgia. At the first stage it will employ 15 people, gradually increasing that number. Investment in the latest project amounts to 100,000 GEL.


PowerPhage is a veterinary product that substitutes antibiotics in the meat industry, particularly in poultry-farming and stockbreeding. It is completely safe, using a natural alternative – phages, produced by BioChimPharm and its team. The company's portfolio boasts a number of well-known medications, including Phagio, which is actively used to beat infections that are resistant to antibiotics. Rati Gholijashvili, Head of the Innovation and Business Development Department at BioChimPharm, says PowerPhage is a revolutionary product which is set to go global and be commercialized.

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23 September 2019 18:12
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