Interviewing Supreme Court Judicial Candidates Starts at Parliament

Parliament’s Legal Issues Committee is starting the process of interviewing Supreme Court judicial candidates, Anri Okhanashvili, Chairman of the committee, said on Monday morning, adding that it is possible to hear two candidates a day, as for the specific deadline when the process of interviewing the candidates will be completed, it is not specified.

Apart from the members of the Parliament, a member of the Coalition "for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary”, the Pubic Defender, the Chairman of the Lawyers’ Association and two representatives of the scientific field will participate in the process of interviewing the candidates.

The process of interviewing the Supreme Court judicial candidates started on July 17. The High Council of Justice selected 50 candidates from 137 applicants in total. 

At the next stage, 20 candidates were selected through secret ballot and the list was transferred to the Georgian Parliament for further discussion and approval.

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By Ana Dumbadze 


23 September 2019 11:06