Vini Vici to Perform in Georgia

One of the most iconic duos of world psytrance music – Vini Vici will perform in Georgia. Event Series Aviator will present Aviram Saharai & Matan Kadosh / Vini Vici (pronounced “Vini Vichi”) on October 11 from 9:00 PM.

“Although the Vini Vici jam is labeled as Psytrance, their cataclysmic, yet authentic & mesmerizing sound took them way beyond the psychedelic world spectrum. Propelled by their infinite ambition and childhood dream, the innovative duo manage to shatter the glass ceiling of the psychedelic scene, leading the tribe into a new era,” reads the description of the event.

Impressive international musical events, such as, for example, Tomorrowland and EDC have hosted Vini Vici on their stages.

Their hit track Free Tibet Remix is the all-time most-viewed psytrance song with nearly 60,000,000 views on Youtube, and the first song ever to make it into Beatport's overall Top10 chart (#2).

Tickets for the exciting music event can be found online.

Photo: Facebook page of the event.
By Nini Dakhundaridze

20 September 2019 20:45
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