PM Gakharia on Pardoning of Prisoners

PM Gakharia commented on the recent issue of the President’s pardoning of prisoners, noting the responsibility that comes with pardoning prisoners arrested for murders, and told the press that there should be legislative changes to the mechanism.

“The power to pardon is at the discretion of the President, but pardoning of murderers of police officers or any murderer, for that matter, is absolutely unacceptable for me. Of course, legislative changes are needed. The step taken by the President – the declaration of a moratorium, is proof of that. There should be a discussion together with Parliament and, of course, some filters in this mechanism should be put in place so that those convicted of serious crimes, especially murderers, are not pardoned in such a way,” said PM Gakharia.

President Salome Zurabishvili declared a moratorium on the pardoning of convicts on September 18. The President caused public outrage after pardoning convicts imprisoned for murdering a police officer and a youth.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

18 September 2019 19:12
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