NBG Head on Bank Regulations

Koba Gvenetadze, the Governor of the National Bank of Georgia, talked about the bank regulations and the implementation of the main goals of the NBG in this direction.

“About 9 months have passed, and the main goals we were focused on during this time have been achieved,” he told journalists, adding that the aim of the regulations – not issuing loans without checking client incomes first, has been implemented. Simultaneously, the positive trend of credit portfolio growth is being maintained.

"The loan portfolio growth, without the exchange rate effect, is 14%, which is a pretty good indicator and consistent with the country's financial stability prospects. We also see a recovery in the loan portfolio. Loans are issued with better rates and standards,” Gvenetadze noted. 

He added that the NBG is working to simplify bureaucratic procedures, however, no changes are planned in the principles of responsible lending. 

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By Ana Dumbaze 

17 September 2019 14:29