ADC Introduces International Investors to Government

Anaklia Development Consortium has released a statement saying it has introduced two major international investors to the government and expressing hope that the relevant ministry will welcome their involvement in the project and will show full governmental support.

“ADC continues to work hard with all stakeholders involved to meet its obligations under the contract, including with the Ministry.

"In this regard, ADC has recently introduced two major international investors, who, together with the already declared investors - SSA Marine of Seattle and TBCH, potentially will bring a significant contribution to the consortium.

"In order to continue the communication in this direction, ADC now expects the Ministry to send an official invitation to these international investors to participate in the project and show them full government support.

"It is high time for all parties involved to unite their energies in order to implement this strategic project successfully. ADC welcomes any governmental positive action that can contribute to the further quick development of the project for Georgia’s overall success," reads the statement. 

Photo: Anaklia Development Consortium 

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By Ana Dumbadze 

17 September 2019 11:49