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Crypto café

The first crypto café is to be launched in Tbilisi. Founder Alex Sudadze says that high demand served as his main inspiration. Having worked in the field for many years, needing to find interesting locations to host foreign guests also operating in the same sector led him to open a thematic café which would solve his problems. The café has an innovative concept, boasting a techno-style interior suited for holding numerous events on different themes- as ideal for the public as professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs. The café serves Georgian and European dishes and offers thematic products, such as Bitcoin coffee, Blockchain Chakafuli, Monero Khachapuri and Satoshi Burgers.

Margveladze family winery

In the village of Sadmeli, Ambrolauri, Racha, check out a family winery run by Mariam Margveladze, a young lady actively involved in ensuring its functioning and appropriate management, along with other members of her family. At the wine cellar, a 5-minute drive from Ambrolauri Airport, ancient traditions are continued and developed. The winery is close to the forest, overlooking the wonderful Rioni Gorge. The Margveladze family winery is distinguished for its historic and ethno items, which almost give the venue a museum-like function. They started bottling wines this year, thus making a first step in their future wine business.


Meet Lia Megrelidze, whose love and interest in tea set her to revive the family tradition and launch Komli at her 150-year-old homestead. Komli integrates a guest house, organic vegetable garden and tea garden providing tea picking and agro-tourist services. The business, barely a year old, is already a success, seeing a constant increase in the number of visitors. Along with the accommodation, guests can try their hand at tea picking, help process the leaves, and then taste the result for quality. Thailand, China, Russia, England, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA are among the countries guests come there from. Construction of glamping facilities is now underway on the territory, adding to the appeal.

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16 September 2019 17:40
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