PM Gakharia Responds to New Anaklia Port Accusations

Giorgi Gakharia, the new Prime Minister of Georgia, has responded to new allegations from Mamuka Khazaradze, Co-founder of JSC TBC Bank and the founder of the Public Movement Lelo, accusing him of making damaging moves against the construction of the Anaklia Deep Sea Port.

In particular, Khazaradze said that Gakharia, when minister, opposed the development plan of Anaklia Project and "repeatedly talked about it with foreign diplomats as well." He added that the current developments show that the Anaklia contract may be canceled. 

The New PM denies the allegations, calling them "unserious," and notes that if Khazaradze has any proof against him, he should show it.  

“It is not good when the country’s major strategic project becomes a subject of political gossip and speculation. Anaklia does not belong to any individual, the deep-sea port belongs to the development of the country and we should all show a bit more responsibility when it comes to projects important for the country,” PM said, adding that the Anaklia project needs serious investors, which the consortium does not have at this stage.

"The state has fulfilled all its obligations. No foreigners or important American partners are left in the consortium, and yet people are still talking about somebody’s interests. This is not serious,” he said.

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By Ana Dumbadze 

16 September 2019 14:47