David Garrett Thrills Georgian Listeners


Following the idea “without music, life would be a mistake,” expressed by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, Georgia has hosted numerous world stars from Elton John to Jessie J over the past few years, treating audiences to the incredible music of different genres. However, on the evening of September 13, the country witnessed yet another musical celebration, this time from world-renowned German violinist David Garrett at the Sports Palace of Tbilisi, introducing his new show ‘Unlimited’.

You could almost hear the heartbeats of anticipation as the audience found their seats and waited for the show to begin. And finally, the protagonist of the evening appeared on the stage, wearing dark jeans, a jacket with the inscription ‘Unlimited’ on the back and black boots. From the very first sound of the violin, it becomes obvious that the concert is going to be nothing short of spectacular. Butterflies in the stomach…

The violinist opened the show with Beethoven’s mesmerizing 5th Symphony, moving to the ‘He’s a Pirate’ and completing the medley with ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’. Garrett then saluted the audience and expressed his gratitude to the hosting country in Georgian.

Through the unimaginable mélange of classic and rock genres, as well as absolutely astonishing technique and variation of rhythms, Garrett created a stunning environ and offered a three-hour unforgettable show. ‘Tico Tico’, ‘Sabre Dance’ of Khachaturian, Coldplay’s ‘Viva la Vida’, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony: Scherzo, as well as many other wonderful compositions were performed by the famous violinist with great energy and virtuosity, smoothly changing the atmosphere from a fiery Brazilian tempo to deep harmonious noted, enabling the listeners to delve into various ‘universes’ of music. Each composition was met with rounds of applause and standing ovation.

Garrett’s enthusiasm and tender attitude towards every single piece he played at the concert, his manner of expressing his emotions brought the audience from tears to smiles and back again, and the performer’s adorable smile certainly played an impressive role in the show.

The role of the excellent band is also worth spotlighting- its members communicating with the main lead of the concert with such ease, and through the sophisticated performance they together took the concert to a sky-high level.

‘Unlimited’ went beyond the limits of a typical concert, as the humor of David Garrett and his constant communication with the audience added a sprinkle of informality to the show in the very best way. He even invited one of the fans onto the stage, leaving the remaining listeners in a state of jealousy.

The finale of the concert was breathtaking, seeing Garrett and his band performing the most outstanding pieces of Queen, including ‘We are the Champions’, ‘We Will Rock You,’ as well as the legendary ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

The encore, completing the show, was especially emotional, as Garrett once again expressed his gratitude to the Georgian audience, noting that he was not expecting such a reception and played ‘Hey Jude’ of The Beatles while wearing a traditional Georgian Chokha, gifted to him, thus well and truly winning the hearts of the Georgian audience.



By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

Image source: BBC

16 September 2019 12:14