British Council, British Embassy Launch UK Season 2019

The British Embassy and British Council in Georgia were joined by Georgian government officials and numerous British, Georgian and other nationals at the opening ceremony of the 'UK Season in Georgia 2019' in Stamba hotel, Tbilisi, on September 13.

The three-month UK Season is to see 60 different events celebrating the relations between the two countries.

Both the courtyard in Stamba and the area beside Rustaveli Metro were decorated with giant Union Jack letters spelling the word 'GREAT' (and in small printed letters 'Britain & Northern Ireland). Stamba also played host to a delicious healthy buffet made by its team and special "British" areas- fish'n'chips wrapped in pages of our beloved Georgia Today, a tea shop serving cakes and fruit, an ice cream parlor and numerous visual and musical displays extoling the virtues of Britain.

Ambassador Justin McKenzie Smith opened the ceremony, welcoming guests first in Georgian, then in English.

"Over the next three months, across Georgia, we will celebrate the special friendship that exists between Britain and Georgia and we will put in place the building blocks for future freindship," the Ambassador said. "From the 12th century amazing coin of King David the Builder to the very best of 21st century music and dance from Britain: we hope that the UK Season in Georgia will find a place in everyone's hearts. Delivering a season of this kind is only possible with the help and assistance of the Government of Georgia, represented by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and the help of our founding partners."

Adjara Group Hospitality, Wissol Group, Alma, BP, Bank of Georgia and Georgia Capital are involved in the roll out of UK Season in Georgia 2019

One of the 60 events we can already enjoy is a remarkable coin from the time of King David the Builder on loan to Georgia from the British Museum and now on display to the public for the first time at the Georgian National Museum. The coin bears the following inscription: 'Lord, aid David, king of Abkhazians, Kartvelians, Rans, Kakhs, Armenians.’

Posters will be on display at bus stops and on buses throughout the capital city showing off everything that makes Britain GREAT.

For more news on the 59 other events you can look forward to in the next three months, follow the news with Georgia Today.

By Katie Ruth Davies

14 September 2019 16:04