Tbilisi City Fest in Stockholm for the First Time

Georgia is serious about marking its name on the map of 'touristically attractive countries'. Thanks to a group of young enthusiastic Georgians with special support from "Europe's Georgia", Sweden will be hosting a little of Georgia this weekend.
On September 14, a group of youth from Georgia and Georgian Orthodox Church in Sweden will hold the first-ever Tbilisi City Fest. Supported by "Europe's Georgia" and the Georgian Embassy in Stockholm, Tbilisi City Fest aims to increase knowledge about Georgia as a touristic destination and promote Georgia and its rich culture in Sweden.

During the event, several Georgian cultural products will be showcased. This includes Georgian dishes, wine, and national clothes. The guests of the festival will be able to taste Georgian cuisine and accompany each bite with legendary Georgian wine. The festival takes on itself educational matters, too - the attendees will learn about the country’s culture - one of the oldest alphabets in the world history, unique folk music, traditional clothes, etc. 

Luka Gurgenidze - one of the organizers of the event - announced that Tbilisi City Fest will be an annual event. He also reported that the organizing team will soon form an official organization and registered in Sweden.  
„We aim to bring young Georgians together to unite and promote our country”, says the organizing team. So we have to be on the look-out for more interesting events from this group of Georgian youth. 

The Tbilisi City Fest is supported by ‘Europe’s Georgia’ – a network that is actively seeking ways for Georgia to become a member of the European Union.

„Georgia is a country that needs more promotion in the western countries. Tbilisi City Fest’s and our network’s goals are met this way: we both aim to promote Georgia with its culture, products and tourism potential, we both see our country the same way,” says Giorgi Ninoshvili, Chairman of ‘Europe’s Georgia’.

GeoArtMood led by the young and talented Tsiko Shamrelashvili, a Georgian entrepreneur, has taken responsibility for the Graphic Design of the festival, helping the team to promote Georgia at its best. Tbilisi City Fest marks the start of the union- the youth team that will put out the full potential of Georgia’s tourism. As an organization in Sweden, starting from September, 14 the organizing team of Tbilisi City Fest will promote the „Pearl of Caucasus”.

By Nini Dakhundaridze

13 September 2019 21:43