Rally in Sokhumi

A rally in Sokhumi concluded late night on September 10, having seen activists protesting the results of so-called presidential elections and demanding new elections.

The protest broke up after the leader of the “Amc Akhar” political party, de facto presidential candidate Alkha Kvicinia, assured his supporters that he would continue his fight lawfully, in court.

Simultaneously, the supporters of de facto president Raul Khajimba gathered in front of the so-called President Administration building. While meeting with his supporters, Khajimba announced that despite dissatisfaction among the opposition, he had won the elections and the court would prove it.

Abkhazian police stood guarding the buildings of the so-called parliament and President Administration as the protests took place.

Abkhazia, a territory of Georgia still occupied by Russia, held the "elections" on September 8. Raul Khajimba got 47.38% of votes and Kvicinia 46.19%.

Image source: radiotavisupleba.ge 
By Nini Dakhundaridze

11 September 2019 18:09