PASHA Bank Sponsors Master Class by the Time Lord

PASHA Bank has the pleasure of sponsoring a long-awaited master class on time management, which to be held on October 31st at Hotels and Preference Tbilisi. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the time management methodologies of well-known writer and business consultant David Allen, also known as the Time Lord. This is one of several important projects that PASHA Bank has sponsored during its three years of operation in Georgia - being a financial institution that offers corporate and investment banking services to large and medium enterprises, PASHA Bank acknowledges its responsibility to contribute to the professional and organizational development in the country, thus it has been sponsoring various business conferences and seminars since its inception.

David Allen is best known for his bestseller ‘Getting Things Done’ which sold 2 million copies and brought its author worldwide recognition. David Allen possesses his own time management tool – GTD - and now he will be sharing this with Georgian professionals. The master class will be attended by representatives of different sectors who will get acquainted with the up-to-date principles of time management.

“Consultancy company Prospect aims to bring successful and top-rated speakers to Georgia. Inviting David Allen to hold a master class in Tbilisi serves this very purpose and has raised positive feedback and interest among Georgian professionals from the day of the announcement of this event,” said organizer, Guga Kobakhidze. “I am certain that this master class will provide specific knowledge and techniques for managing tasks without stress, which practically means being more productive too. We strongly believe that all the expectations of the attendees will be met.”

“We believe that the development of the country’s business and economy significantly depends on the professional growth of experienced people who are involved in making important decisions for their companies on a daily basis, as well as the young professionals who are just beginning to contribute to various business sectors,” says Anano Korkia, Head of PR and Marketing Department at PASHA Bank Georgia. “The master class by the Time Lord will definitely be useful and interesting to all attendees and we are more than happy to support this event.”

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29 October 2015 22:40