Presidential Administration on Dismissal of Spokesperson

The Administration of the President of Georgia has released a statement regarding the dismissal of President's Spokesperson Khatia Moistsrapishvili.

The statement says Khatia Moistsrapishvili was verbally warned on September 4 about the suspension of her power as the President's Spokesperson, while a notice of termination of an administrative contract was sent to her on September 10.

“Her personal statement released in public space contradicts the professional duties and standards of a spokesperson. The spokesperson is strictly required that every statement made by him/her in the public space only express the opinions of the president and the administration. Accordingly, the spokesperson is required to refrain from publicly expressing his/her personal sentiments.

Khatia Moistsrapishvili was officially offered by the Administration of the President of Georgia to continue working in the Press Service,” reads the statement.

Former press speaker of the President, Khatia Moistsrapishvili, reported yesterday that as opposed to the information spread by the President Administration, she left the post herself and was not laid off. Moistsrapishvili also refused the claims about her continuing to work on another position.
Former Press Speaker of the President stated that she decided to quit as there was disagreement within the working team on crucial issues.

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By Ana Dumbadze 

10 September 2019 15:09