Pro-Russian Patriots of Georgia Members Storm Panel at Tbilisi Int’l Conference

Irma Inashvili, Deputy Chairperson at the Parliament of Georgia and representative of the pro-Russian party “Patriots of Georgia” interrupted a panel composed of human rights activists and US diplomats during the 5th International Conference in Tbilisi.

The panel, titled “Where is Russia Going?” was supposed to discuss issues of violation of human rights and international law by Russia, with a special focus on Georgia. This happens in a tense political and geopolitical context, and suspicion of Russian influence over the ruling elite.

It is the first time that the Tbilisi International Conference has been interrupted by pro-Russian activists during its five years. Many journalists and TV channels stormed the room to record Inashvili’s declaration but were escorted back shortly after.


By Lorraine Vaney

10 September 2019 14:44